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This blog posts thoughts, ideas and signposts about the era of adaptation. Please see The Learning Layer reference site for more details.

Perhaps you have already noticed that a fundamentally new period of IT is now upon us–the era of adaptation—in which our systems learn from their experiences with us, and then deliver this learning back to us in ways that make us all smarter and more productive. Emerging from this era of adaptation is a radically new phenomenon that goes well beyond the bounds and categories that have come before it, called the learning layer.

The learning layer is a merging of people and systems that automatically learns, evolves, and integrates into the very fabric of your business. The learning layer takes its lessons from the way the brain works, taps into the cognitive surplus of your organization, and leads to possibilities for attaining whole new levels of business productivity, innovation, and sustainable advantages. It makes the dream of the truly adaptive enterprise a reality.

Its ingenious design and exciting implications are fully revealed for the first time by Steven Flinn, the inventor of the learning layer. Mr. Flinn draws on his experience and expertise as a senior global executive, CIO, strategist, scientist, and inventor, to provide an in-depth look at the learning layer and how it promises to transform the performance of your organization.

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